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Hi Liar's Cove Family!

We are asking that you PLEASE come into the office and Pay in Full UPON YOUR ARRIVAL so that we know that you are checked in and in the correct spot, cabin, or tent area.  


You can open a tab for any items purchased in the store that can be paid for before departure.  This will allow you to let us know if you would like to book your spot for the following year.

2024 Season News


Also, each cabin and RV that we rent has a Roku, upon arrival, you will be prompted to enter your departure date on the television and can then log into any of your favorite streaming channels.  There is also live TV included in the package. For those of you visiting in your personal RV's, feel free to bring a Roku and log into the WIFI, or you may purchase a Roku in our Liars Cove Store.  We no longer provide cable TV onsite.



A question that has come up repeatedly in the past few years, what is the process if you must miss a year but want to keep the spot for the following season.. Over the past 16 years, Liars Cove has been in the Bussell family, there has been the option to pay for your entire stay to keep the same spot for the next year. This was something that has worked and ensures that you keep that coveted spot that you worked so hard to acquire. If you do decide to let your spot go, the next person who rents it that year has "dibs" for the following year. This policy has worked well with businesses and families, and it is still in place. 


Please remember to always keep all pets on a leash, and to please pick up their messes.  Also, no pets can stay by themselves in any of Liars Cove cabins or RV's.  Even if your pet does not bark or mess in the house at home, there can be a lot of excitement on the property and our best friends sometimes get excited.  So please do not leave any pets unattended at any time.

Motorcycles & ATV's

Also, with the knowledge of 400 miles of ATV trails around Liars Cove Resort spreading, we need to remind everyone to ride with respect. There is a ride-in, ride-out policy.  At no time will you or your children circle the grounds on your ATV or Motorcycle, you may ride off of  the property and back to your site only.  This keeps our roads maintained and quiet for the other campers.


Liars Cove Observed Holiday

Memorial Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day guests,

We will have a potluck, please bring a side dish or a dessert.  There will be a ring toss competition and we are working on getting the horseshoe event going again in 2024, a scavenger hunt for the kids, a bake-off to be raffled, and lots of other events.  If you choose to participate in the potluck, we do ask that you bring something to contribute to all the wonderful food that our customers work so hard to make and share.

Rate Increase 2025

There will be a rate increase in 2025 to keep up with the rising cost of doing business in today’s challenging economy.  No deposits will be taken for 2025 reservations until the change is implemented at the end of 2024. 

January 15, 2025

We need to stress that you please place January 15, 2025, on your calendar, to call and make your deposits.  There are only two of us in answering phones and hundreds of customers and reservations, we ask that you PLEASE assist us in confirming your stay.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our small, family-run business. 


Best Regards,

The Bussell Family

Liars Cove Resort, Inc.

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