Cancellation & Pet Policies

No Show Charges & Cancellation Policy

Will my credit card be charged if I don't cancel and I don't show up?

Yes, reservations are automatically guaranteed to your credit card. To avoid being charged, reservations must be canceled in accordance with the cancellation policy outlined by the resort for the rate and dates booked.


Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations must be made at least 2 WEEKS prior to your stay, except on HOLIDAYS and HOLIDAY WEEKENDS, there is a 3 WEEK cancellation policy.  If your cancellation is not made within the 2 or 3 week time period allocated you WILL be charged for the reserved days.





Pets are welcome, but you must follow the leash law. We expect you to clean up after your pets. There is a 3 animal limit with a $10 non-refundable fee per pet and a $100 refundable fee per stay, see pet requirements at check in. Animals CANNOT be left alone in any of the units. If there is damage or excessive hair found on furniture or bedding in our units, you will be subject to a $100+ fine. 


Other breeds known to be aggressive are not allowed in the resort, please call if unsure your breed fits this restriction.

Motorcycles & ATV's

There is a ride in, ride out policy.  At no time will you ride around the grounds, you may ride off of the property and back to your site only.  This keeps our roads maintained and quiet for the other campers.


Thank you,

Liars Cove Resort